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Daily Tours Blue Curise

Saklikent (Canyon) Tlos and Xanthos

We pick you up at your hotel and travel first to Tlos which lies in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. The scenery on this journey is beautiful. In Tlos we will visit the old town. From there we travel further to Saklikent where you can walk through the great Canyon. At lunchtime we stop at a typical Turkish restaurant. After this break we travel on to Xanthos where you will see the ancient city and monuments. From there we take you back to your hotel


Boat tour, Sunken City, Kekova,

We collect you from your hotel and travel to Üçagız From here we go to the harbour at Myra and sail to the old sunken city of Kekova. In this area there are wonderful places to swim. At midday we anchor up for our lunch of chicken,rice salad and fruit. After lunch we sail to the Blue Cave to enjoy the beautiful blue water. From here we return to Myra harbour and take you back to your hotel


Green Lake In Gömbe, Elmali, Turkish Baths (Hamam)

This tour takes us to the Taurus Mountains. The first visit is to Gömbe village which is 1800 metres high. There we will see the Apple orchards and the Green lake. Even in summer the water here is ice cold. From here we go to Elmali where we stay for a little while to eat. We will also visit the 600 year old Mosque which you have the opportunity to go inside. You also have the chance to go shopping for good priced gold if you like. The last visit of this tour is to a 600 year old Turkish Baths (Hamam) where it is possible to enjoy an old traditional Hamam massage. If you love traditional Turkish customs and experiences then this is the trip for you


Market in Fethiye – Old Town – Gold and Leather Goods

On this trip we go firstly to the peoples market in Fethiye. There we stay for a little while to give you the chance to buy your souveniers, T-shirts,jeans,ceramics and typical Turkish gifts and many more on this big market. When you have bought all your presents we will stop for lunch. After this rest we go to the Old Town and the Gold and Leather shops where you return to the hotel.


Dalyan – Lycean Tombs

We travel from Patara to Dalyan where we begin our trip along the river we go by boat to where a freshwater spring comes down from the mountain.Here we take a short break.This is the ideal place for you to enjoy a mud bath.Afterwards we continue our way towards the sea.On the way we pass along many canals and have a chance  to see the ancient tombs in the rock face.As we reach the sea you can take the opportunity to bathe in a wonderful mixture of fresh and salt water and we will also have lunch.When you have enjoyed your time here we will return to your hotel.



This tour begins with a 3 hour journey through beautiful Turkish countryside before we reach Pamukkale.The nickname for Pamukkale is Cotton Wool mountain because of the spectacular calcium deposit formations. The waterfalls and streams from the thermal spring have flowed over the plateaux for hundeds of years to create this natural wonder.Belıeve it or not , it is said that Cleopatra once bathed in these thermal pools.The water here is also said to help relieve Arthritis and Rheumatic problems.After enjoying your experience here we travel back to your hotel   


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